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Professional and methodological guide for ICT uninitiated trainers: Experimentation of digital learning for adult learners from rural areas Lesson from 5 EU countries

This e-guide is addressed to professional trainers and educators willing to extend and develop their knowledge and awareness in the field of digital training, more particularly when delivering through an e-learning platform.The Guide is a product made thanks to the DIGITAL-S in rural Areas project.The project is carrying out by 5 partners: CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development (Italy), Familles Rurales (France), SSW Collegium Balticum (Poland), INFODEF- Instituto para el Fomento del Desarrollo y la Formación (Spain) and CPIP – Center for promoting lifelong learning (Romania) and it is funded by the European Commission within Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnership for Innovation, Exchange of good practices and for adult education).DIGITAL-S aims to experiment and develop the effective use of ICTs for trainers willing to keep pace with digital technology in the field of training. The project will particularly focus on distance education learning for adult learners from rural areas having urgent specific needs to enhance their digital skills as an essential European key skill.

The e-learning course developed during the project on digitial skills is accessible via this link:

For more information you can visit the website:

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CEIPES (Italy), Familles Rurales (France), SSW Collegium Balticum (Poland), INFODEF (Spain), CPIP (Romania)
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