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A Fairer Scotland for Older People: a Framework for Action

On 3 April 2019, the Scottish Government published “A Fairer Scotland for Older People: a Framework for Action” to fight against inequalities and the marginalisation of older persons, and to celebrate older persons in Scotland.

The framework has been developed in liaison with the Older People’s Strategic Forum in order to outline initial priorities for the Scottish government to focus on and build upon in the future, with the overall aim to ensure that people are “happy, healthy and secure in older age”.

For the purpose of the framework ‘older persons’ are defined as those over 50 years of age.


The Framework has been split into four main sections:  Scottish Government

  1. Being older in Scotland;

  2. Engaging with and contributing to communities;

  3. Accessing public and other services; and

  4. Ensuring financial security.

Throughout the framework, quotes are provided from older persons who have been interviewed as well as quotes from other relevant reports and sources, such as the 2017 Scottish Health Survey.


In terms of health and wellbeing of older persons, the framework looks at various aspects which can have an impact on mental and physical health, such as:

  • tackling social isolation and loneliness, referring to the 2018 ‘A Connected Scotland’ strategy;

  • Supporting volunteering, given that a majority of volunteers consist of older adults (although very low in the over 75s).

  • Keeping physically fit and active, which refers to the ‘Active Scotland Delivery Plan’, which aims to reduce inactivity across the general Scottish population by 15% by 2020, as well as to the ‘Cycling without Age’ project.


The framework prioritises support of the Festival of Ageing or ‘Luminate Festival’, which takes place for the seventh time in Scotland during May 2019. To find out about the activities taking place across Scotland as part of the festival to celebrate creative ageing and older peoples’ positive contributions to society, please go to the ‘Luminate’ website here.


You can find information on similar policies across the other three UK nations as follows:


Northern Ireland


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