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EPALE - Elektronická platforma vzdelávania dospelých v Európe

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Liceo Tassoni is a science high school in Modena in the north of Italy. our students are from 14 to 19 years old. They study STEM subjects together with italian, latin, philosophy and art.We have an Erasmus accreditation until 2027. We have already had some projects with Franc...
Annalisa Ble'
Üsküdar Public Education Center is an institution dedicated to adult education, operating with full effort since 1968 in Üsküdar, the pearl of Istanbul.
Akkent Gencay
Together with Brabant's libraries and other (knowledge) partners, Stichting Cubiss Brabant is the engine of an open, skilled and inclusive Brabant society.
Caroline Koevoets
Non profit Cooperative that works on social intervention area with families, children, young people, and seniors with less opportunities in Madrid. We are experts in nonformal education, psychology, social work, and rehabilitación therapies following the person-centered and t...
Silvia Diana