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Predict CSD Consulting


Predict CSD Consultancy is a company which was set up in 2006 and specializes in delivering training courses, visual products and consultancy in different fields, such as:

  • E-learning / Online courses;
  • Educational games;
  • Youth work;
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel –simulation exercises;
  • Organizing events in tourism, culture;
  • Stakeholders engagement;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Project Management.


Among our key competences you can find:



We have experience in involving thousands of people in online courses we are coordinating. We use at least the following software: Moodle, Articulate Storyline, Doodly, Toonly, Video Robot, Blender, Unreal Engine, Adobe packages etc.Our platforms had these e-learning elements included:-    Content, e-books;-    Interactions, e-games made in native software, Articulate Storyline;-    Assigning roles;-    Defining user’s fields;-    Managing students;-    Backups;-    Permissions;-    Reports;-    Test editors;-    Chat, messages, forums;-    Question Banks;-    Assignments;-    Workshops;-    Glossaries; -    Wikis;-    Surveys;-    Database;-    SCORM – we used Articulate Storyline as authoring tool, after trying out Adobe Captivate and other similar tools;-    Grades, scales;-    Different useful plugins;

In terms of gamification, we use at least these elements: Progress bar / Course completion status / Ranking / Experience points / Badges / E-games / Videos / Challenges / Treasure hunt – own system with secret areas / Reflection zone / Portfolios / Feedback system / Special design / Team missions / Systems to analyse participants’ styles of learning / Sharing stories spaces / Peer evaluations / Secret places, hidden rooms, special ship voyage, secret codes / Level up, percentages / Leader board / Certificates etc.

E-GAMESWe have worked both on 2D and 3D educational games which are inserted into our online courses to make them more interactive for the participants. 

2D EDUCATIONAL E-GAMESWe produced over 20 small interactive games for the Learning to Learn and Youth Worker courses.

3D EDUCATIONAL E-GAMESBased on 3D engines and editing software we produced a few educational 3D games, taking the interactivity on a higher level. A glimpse of what a simple game is you can get seeing this promotional video of the course, with the 3D game situations in the background: More complex 3D educational games will be available in the other courses on the platforms and, starting with 2020 / 2020 and on your request. GRAPHICSSome of the materials prepared in the latest years can be seen on LOGOS, E-COURSE ICON COLLECTIONS, ILLUSTRATIONS, WEB-SITE LAYOUTS etc.

VIDEOSWe used a variety of software to produce explanatory movies in our projects and activities. Some examples can be seen here: 

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