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ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy


ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy (Agentur für Kulturdiplomatie)

was founded by Tatjana Christelbauer MA and Mag.iur Erhard Christelbauer MBA and registered by the Federal Police Office in Vienna Austria on Mai 12th in 2016 as a non-profit international cultural association whose founding members are academic professionals, interested in and active in the research on theories and in the praxis of Cultural Diplomacy, spotlighting the contribution of the civil society organizations (SCOs) and individuals. Reg. Nr.680217381

ACD-mission statement

is to contribute to the current global sustainable development through the active engagement of its members and cultural ambassadors and partners (Cultural Diplomacy2030).

Shared European cultural ties and Universal global values are the core pillars for the development of cross-sectoral regional and international partnerships and activities, mainly embedded in the fields of art, international relations, and intercultural education.

Since its founding date in 2016, from an understanding of the UN Agenda2030 as a universal Peace concept in its core and understanding sustainability as "ability to love our next", ACD-Team has developed a number of initiatives, to support the realization of the UN SDGs through educational projects and partnerships (SDG4+SDG 17) such as:

 F*Air, CD-Airshow Tours, “Artimpact2030”, inTalk Sessions, Dance Arts&Diplomacy, Arvore da Vida2030, educational projects such as Let´s brick!, IkuBi2030 Children radio project in Kenya,  SprachenWeb, C-19 -response -project Women.Art.Solidarity, public events such as Vienna meets … Diplomacy on Stage, online educational format on UNESCO Futures of Education inTalk Sessions with Focus groups, solidarity project M4life in Maragoli, Kenya, intercultural exchange projects such as Let´s Brick! Austria-Japan, initiatives to support the SDG5+3+ 8 + SDG10 through the development of cross-sectoral partnerships, such as COOPS for decent work KuBiPa2030,  Art&Health: BGF2030

In cooperation with the governmental and non-governmental sector, public sector, private sector, and civil society ACD-team and its cultural ambassadors are active in the development, exchange, and promotion of the UN Agenda2030-oriented methods and strategies, considering the Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) as a common frame for activities, based on universal values.

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