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Training of Trainers for Integration of Refugees at Institutional Level

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“Training of Trainers for Integration of Refugees at Institutive Level”

As we “Governorship of Zonguldak” will submit an Adult Education Mobility Project (KA1) to Turkish National Agency whose name is “Training of Trainers for Integration of Refugees at Institutive Level”. Turkey is one of the Mediterranean countries and the refugee population is increasing in Zonguldak uncontrollably. Because of refugees’ diary insentive needs, public bodies and its personels can not meet their requirement (temporary identity, language problem, lack of dialogue with refugees etc.). Our country and city generally permit the entry of refugees to Turkey borders, so institutional capacity of Governorship of Zonguldak should be developed about refugee problematique. We are an umbrella institution in Province hierarchicly and this problematique influences some of the civil cervants directly, and influence native people implicitly. We plan to develop individual and istitutional capacity of our core team members (7 or 8 people) who work with/about refugees through taking part an international structured course. In this context, we search an host country for our project from Programme Countries which has enough experience about integration of refugees at institutive level.       


Governorship of Zonguldak

S. Ertuğrul BAŞKOŞAN

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