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Needs of adults education stakeholders. Research study/report

The presented report contains information about the educational needs and the quantitative evaluation of AE organisations and NGO workers in the consortium countries (Poland, France, Italy, and Portugal) and other EU and non-EU countries. The research sample contained 1,176 participants. Importantly, the fact that the research was conducted not only in the consortium countries but also in other countries guarantees that the obtained results are symptomatic for the European AE sector.

The publication prepared as a result of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project in the field of Adult Education titled “Needs of adults education stakeholders “ (N° 2019-1-PL01-KA204-065792) with experts from the consortium organizations: FUNDACJA PRO SCIENTIA PUBLICA (Poland), ITAKA TRAINING (Italy), E-SENIORS: INITIATION DES SENIORS AUX NTIC ASSOCIATION (France) and AFN ACADEMIA FORMAÇÃO DO NORTE (Portugal).


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Aleksander Kobylarek, Luba Jakubowska, Kamil Błaszczyński, Noémie Govindin, Piera Sciama, Alcidio Jesus, Claudia Amaral, Samuel Yosef, Amelia Fiorillo
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