EPALE Resource Kit #3 - Adult education in the post COVID-19 era

The third edition of the EPALE Resource kit reaches you while European societies are slowly and cautiously reopening after the long months of lockdown


EPALE Resource Kit #3.

The third edition of the EPALE Resource kit reaches you while European societies are slowly and cautiously reopening after the long months of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During these months, educators have been reflecting on, and discussing, the future of adult learning.

How to rethink educational activities when the sector has experienced such abrupt changes and disruption? 

What have we learnt from this emergency situation, both in terms of challenges and opportunities? This Resource kit seeks to contribute to this ongoing discussion, providing some hints and food for thought on this matter. This is done in two principle ways. First, we have collected some resources explicitly addressing the challenges put forward by this emergency and the need to refocus adult education: two in-depth articles provide a broad perspective on barriers to overcome and methodologies to implement, while two online learning courses give you some tips and ideas. Second, as the COVID-19 emergency has highlighted the importance of building a solid relation within citizenship, this Resource kit provides some inputs on projects and resources to help strengthen communities and make them more resilient, through adult education: a toolkit, a MOOC, an ebook and an inspiring Community Story cover a broad range of different topics such as urban gardening, volunteering, libraries and the need to counteract disinformation.

The kit #3 is available for download here:

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