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V4 BUSINESS WOMEN’S HUB - Kick-off meeting, study visits and preparing the business plans of partners

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V4 BUSINESS WOMEN’S HUB - Kick-off meeting, study visits and preparing the business plans of partners

*********Remark: We are going to apply with this project to Visegrad Fund by 1st October, 2019. *********Project focus area: Improved ecosystem for business and social business development at the regional level

Goal: To create a supportive community space for entrepreneurial women.

1. Starting and running a business requires a variety of knowledge and skills. What rarely does a person have, therefore, it is necessary to involve others and/or use external services. However, women do less often than men. Therefore, it is necessary to stimulate and promote their interaction and cooperation.

2. When you start and run a business, you don't always have the money you need. This is especially true for female businesses. Therefore, they are often unable to use the services they need to develop their business successfully (consultants, marketers, market researchers, graphic artists, salespeople, lawyers, etc.). In a supportive community space, women can easily find each other and provide services to each other, with mutual benefits or conditions more favorable than the market price.

3. Permanent learning is now indispensable in both private and business life. Learning from each other is one of the best ways of self-development. In a supportive community space, the transfer of practical experience, the knowledge and acceptance of good solutions can be ensured continuously and almost unnoticed.

---In 2012, the European Economic and Social Committee issued an own-initiative opinion on Women's entrepreneurship and concrete policy actions to promote growth and employment in the EU (2012 / C 299/05).

In which important findings and suggestions have been formulated to strengthen the economic and social strength of female entrepreneurs and their number.

Seven years have passed since the publication of the opinion, but unfortunately little progress has been made in some of the sub-areas. At Womanmate Foundation and our partner organizations, we think it's time for action.


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