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Looking for a partner - School, local authority, training centre, association... (KA102 project) in Italy, Spain, Netherlands - Pets care sector (canine and feline)

Založil/a | Vložené Pi, 02/22/2019 - 12:09

Dear all,

We are a vocational school located in France (Pays de la Loire region). We are looking for a partner (school, traning centre, association, local authority...) in order to help us building up our first Erasmus+ project.

We are planning to organise an Erasmus+ internship for our 17 years old students, they are learning "Management and Conduct of a Pets related company". Basically, these youngsters are passionate about pets care, and they intend to work in various fields:

animal care (assistant of veterinary, balneotherapy for pets...)pets education (dogs shelter, training centre...)sales in pets sector (selling pets and accessories for pets owners...)pets food industrial sector...

We would like to offer them the opportunity to realize an internship in a country where pets sector is already well developped (Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany...), for them to discover new practices, another context of the pets sector, and new services and trends to be developped.

This is why we are now looking for a partner to help us finding such internship places, for a 3 weeks placement, and help us building up the organisational tasks  (logistics...). We would be very happy to develop a mutual partnership, and help our partner to build up his project in our region.

If you are interested to join this project, please contact us for more details. We would like to come to visit you before summer 2019, in order to define together all the partnership details.

Hope to see you soon!

Partnership Details
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Po, 07/01/2019 - 01:00

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