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Stage job showing

Stage job showing

We are three public high schools from the Gard region in France. We all dispense secondary level vocational training courses.All three headmasters fully support the european initiatives promoting  the modernisation and the globalisation of  vocational education. Our academic framework requires the students to complete an internship in order to obtain their diploma. Most of our students come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This project allows them to enrich their career path, to enhance and complete their training while mitigating the costs related to mobility with high quality organisation, support and monitoring methods. A partnership with the Spanish public school  INS Terrassa encouraged the 3 high schools to form a consortium for the first time by mutualising their best practices and tools in the interest of Young learners. The institution was chosen for the diversity of it training offering. The initiative was carried by the lycée Ernest Hemingway.  .

Our objective is to provide our students with the opportunity to enroll in a dynamic of mobility abroad in an inclusive and non discriminatory way. This allows the students to acquire a good knowledge of professional practices in their training field as well as personal, linguistic and transversal skills that will help with a successful professional and social integration. This mobility contributes to ensure   a quality training for the teachers and staff. It  strenghtens the european dimension of vocational education while allowing them to share and acquire european knowledge and know how. This experience also improves the quality of teaching by exposing theachers to innovative methods, as well as adding to their professional and personal development.Our vocation is to increase the level of qualification of our students, to improve the quality and relevance of our training at a European level, to provide a link between vocational education structures and companies for regional development as well as developing transnational cooperation and promoting excellence.

We organised an internship mobility for eight learners as well as a training mobility for two teachers.

The eight students came from different training courses and high schools:- 2 students in vocational baccalaureate Fashion and Clothing Professions from Ernest Hemingway high school- 2 students in vocational baccalaureate aesthetics from Lycée Voltaire- 2 students in vocational training certificate hairdressing from Lycée Voltaire:- 2 students in vocational training certificate  Textile Art Professions (tapestry) from the Lycée George Guynemer

They all benefited  a one-month internship in Spanish companies as well as have had the opportunity to discovere the cultural environment and heritage of Catalonia.In addition,2 teachers from the Lycée Voltaire (one professor in aesthetics and one in hairdressing) did a week-long training course at INS Terrassa, Spain.

4 school counsellors (teachers and staff) alternated for setting up, monitoring and evaluating the course with the training supervisor.

The objectives were achieved and even exceeded: 8 students instead of the 6 planned spent 4 weeks in a European country; they participated in a qualifying vocational training in Spanish companies and familiarised themselves with the culture through exchanges and cultural outings. This project enabled them to increase their job opportunities while strengthening their European citizenship. The 8 students have graduated and wish to continue their studies in higher education.In addition, 2 members of the educational staff attended a week-long training  in Terrassa. This training allowed them to acquire the pedagogical, personal and linguistic skills necessary to support the students in their training as well as to create partnerships for future projects with the host organization  and businesses. This experience opened up opportunities for them to exchange in Spanish. This contributes to the improvement of education and training systems.In addition, the INS Terrassa high school linked the George Guynemer high school with another establishment offering woodworking and cabinetmaking trainings for another partnership.

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