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KA1 Shadowing and Mobility - Astronomy as an entry point to the world of science

KA1 Shadowing and Mobility - Astronomy as an entry point to the world of science

During 2018 and 2019, we managed to send some of our employees of Brno Observatory and Planetarium on job shadowing trips to multiple European countries. Their task was to learn from the practices of the receiving organisations, observe their modus operandi and provide their insight in discussions with the local staff.

The list of the countries is as follows:

  • Slovenia - Technical Museum
  • Germany - Planetarium Hamburg
  • Island - Perlan Science Center
  • Malta - Science Center
  • Romania - Astronomical Complex Baia Mare
  • Greece - National Observatory of Athens
  • France - International Space University - Online meeting

We always tried to send different employees to each country to ensure as many of them to be in contact with foreign institutions.Not only were these visits a great way to improve language skills (quite needed as we get visited more and more by foreign visitors) but the employees always gained very important knowledge. Sometimes they saw that even though on the other side of Europe, similar issues get faced and dealt with - sometimes the same way. They collected inspiration in creating exhibitions, different approaches in running planetarium shows, made new contacts that can be very beneficial in future international projects and lately also discovered how other institutions handle the covid pandemic and what counter measures are effective in their cities.

We encourage our employees to incorporate the practices into their daily jobs, to come with new ideas and approaches when working with public and schools. We also run international projects where we cooperate with some of the organisations we learnt about thanks to the mobility program. Should you want to learn more, feel free to visit our website or follow our social networks where you can learn about the most recent activities and contact us if you wish.

Unfortunately, the situation with covid is very severe in our country and we are facing a lockdown. Our institution is closed and we are using the time to do stuff "behind the curtain". Next to deep technical maintenance we are also preparing some new shows and spectacles. We are also joining other institution in Brno with intention of distant schooling. 

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