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Erasmus+ Vocational traineeships - beneficial practical experience for every student

Erasmus+ Vocational traineeships - beneficial practical experience for every student

Erasmus+ is a rewarding experience and those who has participated in it at least once will approve that it is one of the best experiences in life which allows to travel the Europe and feel like its citizen, meet new people, learn new things and gain new skills, experience other cultures, connect with other Europeans, exchange with experiences, improve English and have amazingly great time abroad! When people from different countries come together they bring different insights, values and perspectives together and create new ideas. Each of them bring something new and leave with something new that they have learned for their career and for themselves. International experience is just one of those fantastic things that Erasmus+ is bringing us.

At ShipCon we believe that practical placements are in the heart of a well-rounded academic process and through VET placements the students have the unique opportunity to acquire professional experience and at the same time becoming citizens of Europe, that is, learning new customs and habits and live with peers of different background & culture. 

Allow yourself to get inspired from these young professionals from Poland, Italy, Ukraine and Malta who took part in Erasmus+ traineeship experience with ShipCon is Cyprus. These students spent several months living together, working together, exploring together and exchanging with different perspectives every day!

Mie, 12/09/2020 - 15:39 Erika Zulkute


Shipcon can host Erasmus+ Vocational education and training (VET) students and accompanying staff for two weeks or more in the following fields:

  1. Environment – technology innovation, protection of the environment;
  2. Business & Administration– business administrative services, marketing, office management, retail management, entrepreneurship, economy, analysis;
  3. Hospitality & Tourism – hospitality management & services;
  4. Computing– computer networking, computer programming, computer repair, information technology, computer science;
  5. Creative industries– commercial art, advertising, fashion design, graphic arts, mass media, new media arts;
  6. Gastronomy– culinary arts, food preparation, pastry arts;
  7. Mechanical/Electrical–compressor design, vibration, pulsation, machining, welding, electrical protection, high voltage;
  8. Marine (including Oil &Gas) – marine technology, offshore, HSSE, First Aid;
  9. Aviation –gas turbines technology;
  10. Health related professions – nursing, physiotherapists; 
  11. Agriculture – agricultural engineering, gardening, agricultural management;
  12. Agritourism – tours, festival and event management, farm or ranch work experience, hospitality services, direct sales of agricultural products, management of agricultural businesses;


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