Sunteți interesat(ă) să colaborați cu alte persoane din întreaga Europă, însă nu aveți încă o idee clară?

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Adăugați organizația dvs. la Căutarea de parteneri EPALE pentru a vă spori vizibilitatea și a-i informa pe ceilalți că doriți să vă implicați într-o cooperare paneuropeană.

Sfat util: Adăugați cât mai multe informații despre organizația dvs. și despre tipul de activități în care sunteți implicat(ă) pentru a-i ajuta pe ceilalți să vă găsească.

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Founded in 1957, the Hellenic American Union is a non-profit, public-service institution that provides accessible and innovative educational programs, testing services, and cultural events for a diverse and growing public. It is a space where exploration, innovation and excellen...
Greek Second Chance Schools target people above 18 years old, who have not completed their compulsory secondary education. The institution of SCSs is public, supported by EU funds and aims at fighting social exclusion. Second Chance Schools aim to provide adults with opportuniti...
With roots back to 1983, MEDASSET was founded in 1988 in England and in 1993 in Greece, having as its core mission to contribute to the conservation and protection of sea turtles in their natural habitats throughout the Mediterranean. MEDASSET is an international NGO registered...
VERDE, Center for Research, Innovation, and Sustainable Development is a leading research center in the field of protection of the environment, climate change, and renewable energy in the area of Western Macedonia, Greece. The organization is leading the transition to a de-ligni...
SYSTSERV is an innovative ISO 13485 certified organization in Informatics. We have a strong research background in educational platforms, web systems and mobile apps. We develop custom educational platforms e.g. for training skills with advanced augmented reality tools...