Sunteți interesat(ă) să colaborați cu alte persoane din întreaga Europă, însă nu aveți încă o idee clară?

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Sfat util: Adăugați cât mai multe informații despre organizația dvs. și despre tipul de activități în care sunteți implicat(ă) pentru a-i ajuta pe ceilalți să vă găsească.

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Divieni Chi Sei APS (DCS) aims at defending and guaranteeing the right to self-realization of every human being. The Association is committed to disseminating knowledge and tools that can help people along their path of becoming who they are. Its main activities concern the fiel...
Agenzia Formativa Ulisse was born in 2005, thanks to the intuition of some voluntary associations belonging to UNPLI Puglia. Today, after 11 years of working activity, we present ourselves in a new more complex and colorful way of thinking and acting.
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IRECOOP ALTO ADIGE SÜDTIROL has over the years gained experience and professionalism in the design, management and reporting of actions co-financed by direct and indirect European funds, aimed in particular at the growth of workers employed in local companies, emerging professio...