Sunteți interesat(ă) să colaborați cu alte persoane din întreaga Europă, însă nu aveți încă o idee clară?

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Adăugați organizația dvs. la Căutarea de parteneri EPALE pentru a vă spori vizibilitatea și a-i informa pe ceilalți că doriți să vă implicați într-o cooperare paneuropeană.

Sfat util: Adăugați cât mai multe informații despre organizația dvs. și despre tipul de activități în care sunteți implicat(ă) pentru a-i ajuta pe ceilalți să vă găsească.

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Fiți vizibil pe pagina noastră! Accesați linkul de mai jos și adăugați-vă organizația!

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At Internships USA we work with adult mobility programs and talent recruitment, providing individuals with a unique opportunity to boost their careers or change paths, by improving their English skills and breaking any language barrier. We are a company that specializes in helpi...
PESG Sports School is an institution for adult education based in Zagreb, founded in 2001 and focused on the development, harmonization and implementation of programs according to European and national guidelines and identified needs of market. At the national level, we contribu...
Scuola di Robotica (School of Robotics) is a no-profit Society appointed as Educational and Training Center by the Italian Ministry of Education, Research and University. A Committee consisting of robotics scientists and of scholars in Humanities has instituted the School of Rob...
Our mission is to promote the exchange of experience and cooperation in a managerial environment, as well as to encourage European managers to raise professional qualifications. We create IT solutions in the general field of ICT to improve education processes, conducting busines...
Hello,We are the Mancomunidad de la Ribera Baixa, a public entity in Valencia (Spain)  formed by 11 municipalities that offer services aimed at promoting local development.