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Olemisen Balanssia ry


Olemisen Balanssia ry is a research-based organization founded in year 2014 in Raisio, Southwest Finland. To support educational institutions, Digital Classroom Tools, Student-Initiated Learning, Social-Emotional Learning and Education Internationalisation and their quality assurance, certification and (official) recognition in National Qualifications Framework and furthermore civil society organisations in their demand to change into a more modern, dynamic, engaged and professional atmosphere. By inspiring from Finnish education, Olemisen puts effort into social-emotional learning, high demand of cutting-edge educational technologies and entrepreneurship spirit development.

       Organisation has the capacity of developing open-source relational database management systems, flash-based game development, data processing bottlenecks based on log files and session monitoring and pinpointed unproductive parts of logics in reporting area data processing for coders and suggested an alternative approach to problems.

Olemisen has been offering a range of courses that could be prefered if organisations indicate their tailor-made programmes.Based on your request to maximize the efficiency of the course pls contact to us.

Organisation Details
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Research organisation or a think-tank
Adult education provider

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