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Regional Research Institute of Social-Economic Policy NGO

Regional Research Institute of Social-Economic Policy NGO (hereafter RRISEP) was founded in 2015, registered in Yeghegnadzor, Vayots Dzor region, Armenia. Regional development, strengthening of communities, emphasizing of youth participation in local decision making, as well as application of innovative solutions based on education and research are the main objectives of the organization prescribed in the statute. RRISEP has no more experience on project design, management and monitoring, however the founders and current employees experienced in the field of working with local and international organizations as managers, project coordinators, experts and etc. Close cooperation with Yeghegnadzor branch of the Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE), as well as regional government and local selfgovernment authorities, guaranteed RRISEP to implement projects related to community development and regional administration. More resent projects were support to civic education initiatives in Vayots Dzor region (funded by US Department of State in the framework of US Alumni Outreach Grant Program) and establishment of virtual learning and conference center for ASUE and Yeghegnadzor School N1 students (funded by Ambassador Stevens Fund in the framework of cooperation with Peace Corps). Within these projects civic and youth engagement, social entrepreneurship, adult education, anti-corruption education and community development were the main components of projects’ activities. Current projects are directed to the regional development and inter-municipal cooperation based on IT tools like youth engagement by smart phone apps, creation of electronic maps enable to provide optimal decision making, and info-graphs for transparence and accountable governance. RRISEP works with US Peace Corps and German Senior Expert Service, and have volunteers serving in the fields of researches and community development. Volunteers together with RRISEP staff members are monitoring all projects, and they can be involved also in any proposed project (or some stages of the projects). RRISEP is enrolled in Capacity Building Scheme of “Strong Civil Society Organizations for Stronger Armenia” project implemented by EU Delegation support.

Our current projects are "Improving Inter-Community Decision-Making in Consolidated Communities through Civic Innovations" (EU funding) and "Regional Analysis and Decision-Making Optimization through Technology Based Strategy in Vayots Dzor Region" (IBM funding).

Organisation Details
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