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I AM YOU #PEACE GLOBAL is an organization located in Varna, Bulgaria. We are interested in cooperation for social and intellectual development of people of all ages and social assistance for disadvantaged people. Our volunteers have participated in EU projects/seminars and exchange and educational training courses in Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Netherlands, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Kosovo and others countries. We also work on Erasmus + projects and we are looking for partners.

Mission: I AM YOU #PEACE GLOBAL is a multidimensional Non-Governmental Organization whose principal motive is to create a sustainable world with love and respect. One where these two variables are not only linked to human beings, but to one’s environment, animals and everything that constitutes nature. We believe in the inter-connectedness of nature and if a part of it is affected negatively, all the other ones suffer as well. Basically, our operations are geared towards the ideas in the quote “If you see me like yourself, you will say NO to war, terrorism, human trafficking, xenophobia, environmental degradation, violence and yes to love and respect, and will think humanity first because I AM YOU”. It is to this effect that we set out to take a stand against hate by preaching, practicing and advocating for love and respect because we believe the availability of these values will create a peaceful and sustainable world.

Purpose: Our organization aims at achieving a sustainable world through the involvement of youth in preaching, practicing and advocating for peace, environmental protection, spreading love and respect between humans, humans and environment and, between humans and animals across the world.

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