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Surekli Egitim Arastirma ve Danisma Dernegi-SEADDER


Surekli Egitim, Arastirma ve Danisma Dernegi(SEADDER) has been founded to carry out the activities of education, research and consulting to ensure lifelong learning, and to support and collaborate with the individuals and institutions working on these subjects. It is a voluntary and non-profit association.

  Members and voluntary personnel of SEADDER; educators, teachers, youth workers, consultants, academics, psychologists, social workers, doctors, vocational trainers, ICT specialists, sports trainer, education schedulers, linguists, artists, etc.

           OUR VISION: “Education from the cradle to the grave” to ensure that people live actively.

           SEADDER is an association that conducts activity in all fields of education. In other words; adult education, vocational training, and female education are within the scope of our work.


Some activities carried out by the Association:

  • To render the services of education, research and consulting to ensure lifelong learning,
  • To provide individuals and institutions with the consulting services about the choice of profession and vocational training,
  • to provide mentor for sports, and sport education.
  • Supporting individuals to do sports and physical activities.
  • To provide trainings for individuals working in various sectors to increase their ICT and digital skills
  • to working on safe social media use
  • to working with people for mental health.
  • to giving a training and consultation service for people.(For example; women, patients, migrants, disabled people, disadvantageous youth)
  • To conduct the activities of education, research and consulting for children, young people(NEET), women, migrants, people with poor financial status and the groups at social risk,
  • To conduct activities to increase the employment, entrepreneurship and innovation of the adult people, young people, women and disabled people.
  • To carry out the activities of informing, education and research on protecting the natural areas,
  • To carry out the activities of informing, education and research on renewable energy and energy efficiency resources,
  •  To make researches and develop training programs for the people with superior intelligence and the gifted individuals,
  • To organize trainings on social entrepreneurship, to conduct the activities of research and development to improve the entrepreneurship skills
  • To provide entrepreneurship training especially for women, disabled people and adults,
  • Cultural and artistic activities for adult, women and seniors.
  • To carry out the activities of education and training that promote various areas of profession,
  • To provide the individuals and institutions with the consultancy services in all fields of education,
  • To organize courses, seminars, conferences and panels, etc.
  • To carry out international activities, to conduct projects with the institutions in home country and abroad, and to cooperate with them.

Since SEADDER was found, we have been in the area of many local, national, international activities. Especially, we have worked with local authorities, universities, schools, hospitals and institutions. As a coordinator and partner, we have applied for Erasmus+KA1 and KA2 projects.

Area of Activity of the Association

The Association engages in education, research,  cultural, art and social areas.

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Adult education provider
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