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The Community Education Webinar Series: Reasserting, Becoming, Justice

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About this Event

As part of the launch of the Charter for Community Education, this webinar series is a collaboration between EPALE Ireland and the Three Pillar Group which is a working group of academics, community education practitioners, and advocates.

The Charter for Community Education draws from wide ranging consultation with community education practitioners and aims to reassert the principles and values of community education.

The Webinar Series welcomes practitioners, advocates, academics and all those interested in Adult and Community Education to reflect and explore these principles and values in the context of the themes addressed in each webinar.

  • Registration is required for EACH webinar
  • While part of a series, each webinar is distinct
  • It is possible to attend 1,2 or all three webinars

Webinar 1: Reasserting the Politics of Community Education

Date: Wednesday 28th April

Time: 11am-1pm

Speakers: Camilla Fitzsimons and Mae Shaw

Keynote Listener: Bríd Connolly

This webinar explores the political and transformational potential of community education in a changing context. Camilla and Mae will consider the possibilities for reclaiming a problem-posing approach that asks critical questions about power and privilege in our world today.

Webinar 2: Becoming an Anti-Racist Adult Education Practitioner

Date: Wednesday 9th June

Time: 2-4pm

Speakers: Lilian Nwanze and Stephen Brookfield

Keynote Listener: Amel Yacef

A conversation with two practitioners and researchers with an interest in inclusive, anti -racist practices in adult and community education.

Webinar 3: Community Education and Climate Justice

Date: Wednesday 6th October

Time: TBC

Speakers: Suzie Cahn and Amanda Slevin and Special Guest

Keynote Listener: Caoimhe Kerins

What you should know:

  • Agenda and speaker bios will be sent upon confirmation of attending
  • The session will be audio recorded to be made into a podcast
  • The session will be recorded BUT ONLY for the purposes of a highlight reel, breakout rooms will not be video recorded
  • you should ensure that your name when attending matches with the name you sign up with on Eventbrite

Please note: due to the nature of the event spaces are limited, if you do not intend on attending, please do not reserve a seat. If you cannot attend, let us know ASAP so that your ticket may go to someone on the waiting list.

Links to attend will be sent upon registration.

Ready to journey through this 3-part series? Us too! See you there!

Register HERE.

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