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Big Book of Literacies Training (BBLT)

BBLT is aimed at supporting practitioners working with young people (14 – 25 year olds) on their literacies in a variety of contexts. These could include youth work, adult literacies, training, prison, ESOL, school and others.  It aims to assist practitioners to build on their current experience and become more confident in working with literacies.

BBLT has been split into five sections and an introduction. It contains a mix of practical materials and information on strategies, policies and web links relating to work with young people and literacies.

Sections for Big Book of Literacies Training 

  • Introduction to the Big Book of Literacies Training (BBLT)
  • Section 1: The Case for Youth Literacies Work
  • Section 2: Getting it Right for Learning - supporting young people with their literacies
  • Section 3: Integrated Literacies Activities
  • Section 4: Literacies Learning Next Steps
  • Section 5: CPD - ideas on where to go for further development

BBLT was created as a downloadable online resource which can be updated to keep it relevant, and the first update has now been completed (July 2013).

New information is available on:

  • CfE Briefing 10 - on Curriculum for Excellence and Community Learning and Development (P23)
  • Digitally Agile Community Learning and Development links to the website and reports of the Project (p24)
  • Guidance for Community Learning and Development and the Scottish Statutory Instrument for Community Learning and Development (P26)
  • Standards Council for Community Learning and Development information on registration (P28)
  • Literacies and activity agreements, including links (P82)
  • Financial support including links to Young Scot website. (P83)
  • Being digitally responsible (P175)

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