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Digital Freedom Festival in Riga

The Digital Freedom Festival is a global technology, startup, policy and lifestyle festival, which will be held on November 14h and 15th in Riga. It will gather technology and startup entrepreneurs, experts, policymakers, investors, journalists and motivational speakers from all over the world to look for answers to how entrepreneurs, society and policymakers can better cooperate and make use of the benefits provided by technology.

This year Digital Freedom Festival invites to participate in discussing the impact of technology on sustainable development, taking into account the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030. It will focus on the role of humans in the new technology age with the main conference topics centering around the economy of the future, technology in healthcare, green technologies, smart mobility and lifestyle.


Positive Impact and Sustainability

"This year we want to bring the festival discussions to the next level, while supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We need to use the full potential of modern technology and innovations in solving current global challenges such as climate change, inequality and in minimising the over-use of resources. For there to be a positive impact everyone on the planet must work together, which is why we're inviting everyone to be part of the discussion. We want to keep challenging the current order, this time by challenging ourselves to become a zero waste festival – we're going to reduce, reuse, recycle and encourage all partners and attendees to do the same!" says Digital Freedom Festival Co-Founder, Dagnija Lejina.


Investors Day - Broader Opportunities for Startups

Investor Day will be held during the festival for the second year in cooperation with #HealthTech block partner Riga Stradins University, #GreenTech block partner Latvian State Forests and #SmartMobility partner the Dutch Embassy in Latvia. The event will include a startup competition, investor presentations, discussions and “speed dating” with investors.

In addition to long-standing Digital Freedom Festival startup competition partners – world-renowned accelerator 500 Startups and leading European accelerator Rockstart - this year Plug and Play, one of the most active venture capital funds in Silicon Valley, will join the Digital Freedom Festival.

Investor Day attendees will include investment and venture capital fund representatives from around the world with a total investment portfolio of more than €1 billion.


Digital Age Media

Continuing last year's cooperation with the main Digital Freedom Festival content partner DELFI, this year the Delfi Media LAB stage will feature discussion around the influence of technology on media development. Globally recognised media representatives and experts will discuss the impact of digital technology on content development, digital strategies and sponsorship policies, as well as examine current digital trends such as influencer marketing, podcasts and mobile content."Today public information consumption habits and the opportunities offered by technology are changing rapidly, and media must change along with them. Celebrating our 20th anniversary, DELFI aims to become a leader in media innovation. The DELFI Media LAB stage programme will allow both the general public and media representatives to offer a deeper analysis of the changes in the interaction between technology, information and knowledge; what the future of media development looks like, how to reach younger audiences and how high-quality journalism can create a positive and sustainable impact on society," says "DELFI" Board Chair Konstantin Kuzikovs.


The Digital Freedom Festival programme is available here:

Two-day tickets are available on the website:

For the latest news follow the Digital Freedom Festival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (#DFFestival).

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