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2 Jun

UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development


UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development

To kick off the new world programme for ESD ‘ESD for 2030’, UNESCO is organising an international conference in Berlin, Germany.The meeting will raise global awareness on sustainable development challenges and the crucial role of ESD as a key enabler for the successful achievement of all SDGs and provide impulses for strengthening ESD in education policy and practice.



  • Our planet and its inhabitants are under increasing pressure: Human-induced climate change, limited and recklessly exploited resources, rising temperatures and sea levels, pollution and shrinking biodiversity are just a few of the challenges governments and populations face around the world.
  • In response to these challenges, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) supports efforts to equip learners with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to contribute to a more inclusive, just, peaceful and sustainable world. In 2017, the UN General Assembly reaffirmed UNESCO’s role as the lead agency on ESD in its Resolution 72/222 and recognized ESD as 'an integral element of the SDG on quality education and a key enabler of all the other SDGs'.
  • In order to further enhance ESD efforts, UNESCO launches the new framework 'Education for Sustainable Development: Towards achieving the SDGs' (ESD for 2030) and its roadmap for implementation at a major two and a half day conference. 


When and where?

The conference will take place at the Berlin Congress Center in Berlin from 2-4 June 2020 and is kindly hosted and generously supported by the Government of Germany.


800 stakeholders from all regions of the world in particular policy-makers working in education and other areas related to sustainable development; ESD practitioners, NGOs, development community, private sector and experts will also participate. Invitations will be sent to all UNESCO Member States and participation will be by invitation only.

An invitation to express interest to participate for non-governmental stakeholders will be launched in November 2019. If you wish to receive an email notification, register for our newletter.


For additional information, please contact sends e-mail).

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