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Fórum Futurália 2019: Qualifications and job: what (will I) do in digital?

“Fórum Futurália 2019: Qualifications and job: what (will I) do in digital?” is a magazine that brings us a reflection on the challenges and opportunities associated with the widespread digitalization of the economy, with the demands and needs that arise in terms of talent management, qualifications and skills, employment and employability, in new ways teaching and new learning methods and new forms of business organization.This publication, organized by the National Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education and the AIP Foundation, is a collection of articles by experts that highlight the increased relevance that qualifications assume in an increasingly digitalized world.In addition to these articles, the publication also presents four interviews (with Félix Ribeiro, economist, with Jorge Teixeira, teacher distinguished with the Global Teacher Prize Portugal 2018, André Rodrigues, from CISCO Portugal, and with Tomás Caeiro, founder of Citycheck). In these interviews, questions about the future of work in the light of digital transformation are explored, highlighting the main challenges of cybersecurity.

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