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CEPA LEIOA HHI is an Adult school located in Leioa, Bizkaia (Spain), on the right side of the river and very near Bilbao. Our students are, as it usually occurs in these schools, very different and their aims and necessities, too. We offer:
The upper secondary school IISS Ettore Majorana in Brindisi has always been at the forefront of experimentation with new teaching methods and the use of computer technology. The school is looking to Europe as the next goal to reach to offer its students an education the most ext...
Giresun Provincial Directorate of National Education is a public institution that implements education services at the local level. 141 Primary Schools, 235 Secondary Schools, 25 Independent Kindergartens, 125 Kindergartens, 15 Public Education Centers, 4 Vocational Education Ce...
Created back in 2018, Bulle Media is the first podcast services agency dedicated to European affairs. Based in Brussels, we aim at producing and disseminating high quality audio contents to foster EU’s comprehension across all EU countries. We produce information, knowledge an...