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Cultiv - Associação de Ideias para a Cultura e Cidadania


The Cultiv association was created in 2013 with the aim of promoting culture and citizenship, as a result of the common interest of several professionals from different areas but with similar objectives, such as the use of art and culture as tools for social integration. This association gave correct social expression to several works done individually by the partners, or through entities legally incorrectly framed by the type of work developed. The most expressive case was the project "Poetry has no grades", developed by Filipe Lopes since 2003 in Portuguese prisons through a private cultural animation company. Due to the social character and part of the work being voluntary, Cultiv "inherited" the whole background of this project and started to represent it as a non profit organization, benefiting also of a set of collaborators that allow the development of this project.

It seeks to work with groups at risk or in social exclusion, with the main target being inmates from Portuguese prisons and their families, using reading, writing and art in general as tools for personal development and social reintegration through a multidisciplinary model, on a non-formal education basis, integrating the contributions of professionals such as writers, musicians, art therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists and even jurists, among others.

The project "Poetry has no bars" benefits from a continuous work of 14 years, in close collaboration with its main partner, the national prisons agency (DGRSP), during which was possible to integrate the acquired knowledge into the practice of intervention from working with all 49 Portuguese prisons. Each of these places of imprisonment has very specific characteristics, such as the degree of security, the type of sentences or the literacy of the prisoners, which allowed adapting the intervention model to ensure its effectiveness in different contexts.The multidisciplinary team that supports the project integrates professionals from different areas, allowing a broad view of the way of intervening, ensuring that the model is not limited to a more cultural and artistic perspective but also that the activities developed are validated in artistic, pedagogical, psychological and social integration views.

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