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Education in the Process of Career Guidance as a Response to the Needs of Young Adults

This paper presents the results of a theoretical-empirical research intended to examine the educational needs of young adults, originating from their concern regarding the contemporary traits of professional life. The framework for the analysis of the identified educational needs of the target group comprises statistical indicators, results of empirical research and consideration of the theoretical specificities of young adults’ career development. The research sample consists of 238 final year students of bachelor, master and doctoral studies at the University of Belgrade, who are enrolled at faculties within various faculty groups. The results of the research indicate that students demonstrate educational needs that may be addressed by content and activities belonging to various areas of standards of career management skills, including the discovering and understanding of one’s self, perceiving the possibilities of academic and professional life, and career creation.

Aleksandra Pejatović, PhD is an associate professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and a chair of the Department for Pedagogy and Andragogy.

Dubravka Mihajlović is a teaching assistant and PhD candidate at the Department for Pedagogy and Andragogy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.

This paper is part of a research project being undertaken at the Institute of Pedagogy and Andragogy, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, titled “Models of assessment and strategies for improvement of quality of education” (179060), supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

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