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VET4MIGRE Target Group Report

For this report, we conducted interviews with migrant and refugee entrepreneurs and stakeholders who support them in each partner country: Denmark, Italy, Greece, Spain and Bulgaria. We outline the current situation and training available in order to identify resources and gaps in training provisions. By reading the report, you will see what resources are available in each country, hear case studies and examples, and see what areas of improvement we have identified. This report is the results of:

  • Two focus groups per country:
    • Focus group No. 1 - skilled migrants (n.10 persons per country)
    • Focus group No. 2 - organisations working with migrants (n.5 organisations per country)
  • Desk research: looking into the training needs of skilled migrants (exploring numbers of highly skilled migrants in each partner country, training available currently, profiles of migrants, etc.)
  • Interviews: in-depth interviews and case studies

The report is available below in six languages. This output was created by the following organizations:

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Crossing Borders, Youth Europe Service, Panepistimio Thessalias, Mine Vaganti NGO, AGIFODENT, Narodno Chitalishte
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