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Benenden Health - Managing the wellbeing needs of a multigenerational workforce

Benenden Health has released a wellbeing guide in partnership with HRZone, which enables users to ‘develop an age-diverse health and wellbeing strategy’ and meet the wellbeing needs of a multigenerational workforce. The guide contains chapters that define the multigenerational breakdown of employees; the wellbeing needs of our workforce; and consider how to develop a strategy for a multigenerational workforce. There is also an introductory foreword, a concluding section and a section that discusses the publication’s authoring organisation Benenden Health. Within the section considering the varied wellbeing needs of the workforce is a breakdown of different generations, including Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation Z.  

The guide has been released at a time when Britain is facing many political changes, in particular a different approach to pensions which has led to an increasingly aged workforce with complex needs. Almost one third of the UK workforce is over the age of 50 and the age of those over 65 is also increasing, with many stating that money is not the main driver behind their desire to work – work presents many employees with opportunities to socialise, build meaningful relationships and feel that they have an emotional support system. 

The breakdown of generations is helpful for understanding the different specific needs of the age groups. The Silent Generation (those born before 1946) have many more physical needs than other generations in the workplace – they tend to benefit most from flexible working policies, as they may need to attend more hospitals or doctors’ appointments than other age groups, and can also benefit from company subsidised gym memberships that enable them to partake in regular exercise that benefits their physical health. The youngest generation, Generation X, which includes those aged 18-23, tend to view physical exercise as very important and they take other aspects of their health, for example sleep quality and stress, more seriously than other generations – a wellbeing package that addresses these issues will be most beneficial to them.  

The guide can be used by any company to help address wellbeing and health issues and to ensure that the varied ages of their workforce are well cared for. It has never been so important for employers to take an active role in the health of their employees and employers, line managers and senior employees will find the guide most beneficial. It is free to download.

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