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EUMENTORSTEM- IO2: EUMentoring Trainer’s Kit inspired by the Mentoring Circles™ methodology

Trainers' kit to be used during EUMENTORING: Inova Consultancy Ltd recognises that finding employment for migrant women can be a daunting prospect, even more so when their background is in any STEM field. Inova developed group mentoring sessions to incorporate action learning techniques, coaching and mentoring, combined with career development/self-reflection tools to support women in STEM and improve their employability skills. The Mentoring CirclesTM have been adapted to EUMentoring for the purpose of the EUMentorSTEM project.The EUMentoring consists of 1 facilitator, working with approximately 5 mentees (migrant women in STEM) in a group setting. The programme combines group discussions and individual challenges, reflection, goal setting and personal action planning. EUMentoring led by skilled facilitators with expertise in action learning or by facilitators who have been trained in the methodology by Inova Consultancy directly.EUMentoring provide a safe and challenging environment where ideas for developing careers can be explored and tested, allowing individuals to share their challenges with others. Action points are generated and discussed in the group and individuals are supported in finding the next steps forward in planning their career. There are also opportunities to network with other women, make new contacts and build confidence in talking to people in the same field.The concept of EUMentoring is built on the process of learning as a journey which allows the individual to reveal that some knowledge is already within and needs to be brought forward, and that shared knowledge and learning from others can be valuable. The main focus is on questioning to reveal insights- whether this is through group discussions, thus EUMentoring are learner led and learner focused. 

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