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EdTech in the Wild

Opracowanie zawiera autorski wybór najlepszych artykułów z blogów poświęconych technologii w edukacji. Ponad 400 stron inspiracji, danych i faktów.

Oddajmy głos autorowi:

I've collected various blog posts from educational technology scholars andleaders. My process went as follows:

  1. In January 2019, I solicited blog and post nominations from educational technology1.folks on Twitter via a community-editable Google Spreadsheet;
  2. I utilized the Moz online service [] to identify the posts from each blog2.that were most often linked to from another domain as a proxy for determining whatmight be the most impactful posts from each blog;
  3. I read through all nominated blog posts and the top three to five posts provided by3.Moz to identify those that most closely fit the goals of this volume;I included up to two posts from each nominated author (for the purpose of ensuring4.inclusivity of diverse voices over dominance by a few voices);
  4. When necessary (i.e., when posts were not shared under an open license5.[]), I contacted the authors of these posts for permissionto include them in the volume as well as to solicit biographical information;
  5. And then I coded and organized these posts under an emergent set of categories to6.provide some semblance of structure and narrative between them without (hopefully)losing the valuable messines and rhizomatic nature of the history of the field.

Interesują Cię nowe technologie w edukacji dorołych? Szukasz inspiracji i niestandardowych form?

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