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Cultural Diplomacy 2030 by Civil Society Organisations

Connecting formal and informal education, arts/culture with health settings, within the frame of Sustainable Development Education and the 17 UN SDGs.

The project aims to spotlight the role of the civil society organizations in support of sustainable development and its contribution to the realization of the UN SDGs as a common framework and tool for the development of the European Cultural Diplomacy. 

Following the Austrian Federal Constitutional Law and the priorities of the Austrian state, committed to the practice and theory of Cultural Diplomacy as a form of promotion of values and cultures, within the European and the global context, “recalling that cultural diversity, flourishing within a framework of democracy, tolerance, social justice and mutual respect between peoples and cultures, is indispensable for peace and security at the local, national and international levels, ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy founding members are envisioning their mission for the decade 2020-2030 as active contributors to the realization of the SDGs. Our cooperation in the sector of the civilian society, and with governmental and nongovernmental international institutions and organizations in Austria and worldwide, as well as with individuals who expressed interests to connect, have resulted in the sustainable development of our activities and long-term cross-sectoral partnerships for our further cooperation.

The sector of intervention: Cultural Diplomacy in the practice of the civil society in cooperation with governments, NGOs, military and defense, educational and cultural institutions, cultural associations, individuals

Cross-cutting issues: Austrian national priorities, EU principles, and values, global challenges and multilateralism

Our team invites representatives from the formal and informal educational institutions, Arts/cultural communities, health care organizations, and policymakers to discuss ideas about national policy on national and minority cultural communities regarding its adaptation to the current national, European and global endeavors toward the realization of the Sustainable development Goals, mainly spotlighting the role of the national arts/cultural and minority cultural communities for the realization of the SDG 4a, 4.7, 4.5, 5.1, 5.5, 8.9, 9.1, 10.2, 16.10, 17.16, 17.17

There is currently no European Cultural Diplomacy Policy. 

The project-outcome should be a draft-proposal for the implementation of the SDG-oriented National and European Cultural Policy to ensure the financing of projects and communities that are aligning their agenda with the national and European endeavors toward the 17 UN SDGs.

Furthermore, the emerging fonds for professionals from arts/culture may find the funding synergies with fonds for corporate health care and SDG-project fonds, to ensure employment opportunities and the improvement of the barrier-free and cross-generational learning settings through cross-sectoral partnerships among formal and informal educational institutions for shared environment, knowledge and people; improve the social integration of immigrants; prevent extremism and improve intercultural relations; strengthen the sense of belonging among _Europpean population and globally; include all CSOs into debate and development process; a.o


Person: Tatjana Christelbauer, MA

Partnership Details
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