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Dear Colleagues,

We wuold like to present our organization.

A.S.D. GRUPPO ATLETICO POLISPORTIVO CASTELBUONESE is an Amateur Sports Association founded in 1994 with the purpose to promote the practice of sport. It is a no profit Association and has its headquarters in Castelbuono (Palermo-Sicily); the Amateur Sports Association is specialized in the preparation and development of competitive runners and amateur races (road, cross and trail).

A.S.D. GRUPPO ATLETICO POLISPORTIVO CASTELBUONESE was born from the passion of a group of young people for a historical competition (Giro Podistico Internazionale di Castelbuono), which has its roots in 1912. This group of people decided to create the Amateur Sports Association to continue the tradition, giving more prestige to a sports event known and loved not only in the city of Castelbuono but also throughout the athletics community, and to promote sports events and activities among young people and the local population.

A.S.D. Gruppo Atletico Polisportivo Castelbuonese for more than 40 years organises the race “GIRO PODISTICO INTERNAZIONALE DI CASTELBUONO – LA CORSA SU STRADA PIU’ ANTICA D’EUROPA” (International running race of Castelbuono “Race road more ancient of Europe).

The race is an authentic sports heritage that, for spectacle and history, has no equal in Italy. It takes place on July 26 of each year during the celebrations in honour of the Patron of Castelbuono Saint Anne.

During last years the Association organized and implemented different amateur races in the historical centre of Castelbuono and in January 2019 A.S.D. Gruppo Atletico Polisportivo Castelbuonese received from the Italian Federation of Athletics a prestigious award, the "Athletics is tradition".

During last 2 years (2018-2019), A.S.D. Gruppo Atletico Polisportivo Castelbuonese managed as Applicant the Project "START - Sport TrAining to Run Together" (Project Code 590484-EPP-1-2017-1-IT-SPO-SSCP), a Small Collaborative Partnership project funded by Erasmus+ Programme Sport actions. The Project had the main aim to develop and share within the partnership the use of the language and the methodology of Sport as a tool for integration and socio-cultural inclusion, strengthening the skills of the operators. The Project implemented different activities: a transnational training, local training days and START Sport days in each country involved in the partnership and created 3 main outputs: the Handbook START Project Transnational Training, the National Videos of START Project and a Long Video of START Project.

For more information about START projects, its focus, objectives and outputs created we invite to visit:

- the website of START Project https://www.startcastelbuono.eu/

- the facebook page dedicated to START Project https://www.facebook.com/STARTEuropa/

- the twitter account dedicated to START Project https://twitter.com/startcastelbuon

We would be pleased to collaborate with european organizations who have similar goals and objectives with our association and take part in their projects as a partner.

If you are interested to collaborate with us, please, contact us sending a message to start.castelbuono@gmail.com

We hope to hear news from you very soon!

Partnership Details
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