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Social Inclusion Observatory

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The Association "Per Boboli" and Start Up Me-We present the Social Inclusion Observatory project, with the aim to contribute to improving the quality of life of socially disadvantaged and less qualified people with low skills and school drop out, carrying out special projects aimed at monitoring the uneasy status, developing practical-digital skills and abilities and acquiring environmental awareness, protection and care, taking into account the beauty and origin of historic gardens, in order to enhance, encourage and realize a process of social inclusion also through the use of the artistic heritage which can prove to be productive in overcoming the discomfort.


- the creation of a Social Observatory aimed at studying the main reasons that constitute perception of social exclusion in the target group identified (women, young people, migrants), allowing the identification and assessment of available skills to define and allow to improve their level;

- the improvement and expansion of learning opportunities and environmental awareness and care through the historic gardens, for re-employment (and therefore social reintegration) of people with discomfort (women, youth or migrants with school dropout), creating personal and professional growth paths that contribute to a real process of inclusion on a national and international scale involving local and international institutions and also creating a network of exchange of best practices through the Observatory and between public or private historic gardens.

The Project is characterized by the proposed technological and content innovation, users will be consulted directly.

Crucial will be the collaboration with other European countries that will be interested in drafting the project in the EU program "Erasmus Plus".

The project is aimed at women, young people, migrants in Europe with social desease and drop-out aged between 18 and 65 years.

Partnership Details
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