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Partnership Details

Enterpreunership Education


Purpose  of the "Mini Company" project

To Develop “Entrepreneurship Education  Model with Mini Companies “  in cooperation with Teachers/Experts/Academicians, Students, and Entrepreneurs


What will Project Partners do in the “Mini Company ”  project?

1-Firstly, each School /College/ Training Center and University (Social Science Faculty) will establish Entrepreneurship Club at Schools/Colleges /Training Centers and University.  At least 3 maximum 5 teachers/Experts and 8-10 selected students will be enrolled in the Entrepreneurship club for project implementation. Gender equality in Entrepreneurship club members and teachers will be balanced.

1 notice board for the announcement will be allocated for the member of the Entrepreneurship club.  Students will announce project activities by using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other social media.

The Entrepreneurship Club will have at least 2 consultant teacher/expert ( One will be ICT teacher or Technician )  He / She will give advice and guidance to the Entrepreneurship Club’s students. Whenever they need it. This link between consultant Teacher/Expert and students will be flexible. Students must show their abilities in their entrepreneurship skills.

2- Each project School / College/Training Center and University will establish 1 or 2 mini-companies for project activities. These mini-companies from different areas will not be official and will not be real companies, but students will complete all official procedures to open mini-companies as a real commercial company. If VET Schools/ Colleges/ Training Center and University have revolving fund, they can use it for mini-companies for commercial activities.

3- At the beginning of each mini-company will have 2 consultant teacher /expert.  Students will also use social media to promote their mini-companies. For example, if Students establish tourism and travel company, they will make a cooperation with at least 2 local tourism and travel companies. Schools/College/Training Center will be able to invite the company’s manager or responsible staff to give information for Project activities or Students will visit the companies to get information about the management of companies. Project Schools /College/ Training Center and University will work very closely with Entrepreneurs and experts of Entrepreneurship  Education during the project.  

4- Project experts and advisors will make a presentation to managers and teachers of School/ College/University about Project work packages and EU rules at the beginning of the Project and later phases of the project.   The project will be implemented at the Schools/ Colleges/ Training Centers and  University in 2 or 3 different countries.

 5- Within the scope of the project; experts and Academicians from Governmental Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Research Centers, Universities  will be invited to make the presentation  for Project activities such as establishing the new company, management, promotion, marketing and finance for Schools/ Colleges/Training Center/University’s teachers and students. These meeting could be panel presentation or individual presentation.

6- After 22 months from the start of the project, the students will exhibit their Project experience, products at their Schools/College/ Training Center and University or in an exhibition center if possible. Students will report what they learned in the project. If the number of mini-companies is over 2.  A competition will be organized among the mini-companies.  The most successful mini-company will be selected by Jury.

7- Two questionnaires will be conducted with the teachers and students who take part in the project at the beginning and end of the project. The questionnaires will be used to measure the changes in teachers and students as well as training within the project.

8- The Managers and teachers at the VET Schools/ Colleges/Centers or University and successful students in the project will visit and will observe the entrepreneurship education practices in the partner countries and will have a chance to exchange information and experience.

9- The project applications will not only comprise in the project students but will also be announced to social media and various meetings and other students of the VET School/ VET Centers or University. Project experience could be transferred to other VET Schools /Colleges/Training Centers or University to in the project countries and EU countries. 




Target Organizations:, Schools / Colleges / Training Centers and Universities, Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship based Organizations

Target Groups: VET School / VET Training Centers/ University ‘Teachers , Academicians and Students,  Entrepreneurs and Policy makers

Stakeholders : Entrepreneurs  and Employers, Policymakers, Academicians, Relevant Public Organizations, Research Centers, Private Companies, Neighborhood VET Schools /Colleges/Training Centers or University


 In a difficult socio-economic context, where youth unemployment is high, our project has the following main aims:

  • To allow young people to experiment entrepreneurship in an European context and in their own field of study
  • To raise students level of awareness about entrepreneurship skills  by doing at Schools/ Colleges/ Training Centers and University
  • To increase students motivation and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills
  • To reduce the gap between Education and job market


On the students:

  • To gain an entrepreneurial spirit by sharing good practice
  • To find a job easier on the their Country  and  European labor market

On the teachers:

  • To discover  practical entrepreneurship  teaching methods in order to increase their skills

For the partner Schools / Colleges/Training Centers and Universities.

To gain a business recognition from local companies and from the National Education in each country.     


Products of the project

1- Handbook   for Entrepreneurship Education Model with Mini Companies at Schools/ Colleges / Training Centers and University

2-Booklet of Opinions of Teachers, Academicians, Students and Experts for Project


4- Social Media

5- Poster

6- Brochure

7- Project Flash Disc (Including Mini Companies)


TEK-SAV’s  Experience in Entrepreneurship Project

TEK-SAV was founded in March 08, 1993 in Ankara-Turkey.   TEK-SAV  has been a promoter  or  partner  of  the 10  EU  projects.

TEK-SAV was the partner of the 3 EU Supported Entrepreneurship Projects

1- ENTREVET - Developing an Entrepreneurial Climate in VET Sector,  Project Number: DE / 08 / LLP-LDV / TOI / 147 130

2- INNOVET, Global Entrepreneurship, Project Number. LLP-LdV-TOI-07-FI-160 801.

3- LENE,  NEET Entrepreneurs..  Project Number 2019-1-SE02-KA205-002430  ( 2019-2022)


 Project Budget: Each partner will have enough  project budget  in  according to  their responsibilities and project  activities.


 Authorized and  Contact Person:  Cemal Kutlu 

  teksavinfo@gmail.com(link sends e-mail)

Request valid until: 



Tekniker Eğitim Kültür Sağlık Vakfı - Technician Education Culture Health Foundation ( TEK-SAV)




Partnership Details
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Tekniker Eğitim Kültür Sağlık Vakfı - Technician Education Culture Health Foundation ( TEK-SAV)
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