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Are you looking for a partner for a K204 or K3 PROJECT in the field of adult education? FACEPA wants to participate!

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About us:

FACEPA (Federation of Cultural and Educational Associations for Adults) is a non-profit organisation working in the field of adult education with the following goals: overcoming social inequality, promoting citizen participation in all areas, fostering solidarity relationships between people and collectives. We defend the universal right of education and we act following the Participant’s Bill of Rights. The Participant's Bill of Rights was developed by participants in adult education processes and it advocates for the transformative potential of education as an instrument that makes it possible to overcome social inequalities. It has been agreed upon and accepted by different associations and centres in the national context, as well as in the European and international levels. We promote an educational and social-democratic model based on the idea that the participants of adult education have the right to decide and actively participate of their own education and training processes and, as a result, promote a social transformation that goes further than the educational centres transforming their lives, and their neighbourhood.About our potential for adding value to a project:

We would like to contribute as partners of an Erasmus+ project in the field of adult education.

We count with a wide experience in developing this kind of projects. At the European level, we have recently actively developed the following projects: DigiUp, assuming the coordinator’s role, which has been selected as a good practice, and Edu-Fin, ScienceLit, FinanceGo!, actively contributing as partners of the consortium.

Moreover, Currently, FACEPA is formed by 14 associations, and we focus our work on those groups at risk of social exclusion, such as women, immigrants, the elderly and young people without academic qualifications. For our federation characteristics and our methodological approach, we have great potential to achieve direct contact with different collectives of people and to implement activities.

We believe we can offer experience, motivation, and hard work, as well as specific knowledge related to achieving a more democratic model in the field of adult education.

We are willing to start collaborating on the project you are planning to submit to achieve the most suitable and impactful proposal. Feel free to contact us with your project ideas, questions or suggestions concerning your K204 and K3 projects.

contact: facepa96@gmail.com

Partnership Details
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ma, 03/16/2020 - 01:00
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Aanvraag voor EU-financiering
Uitwisseling van ideeën en goede praktijkvoorbeelden

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