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Geïnteresseerd om met anderen uit heel Europa samen te werken, maar heeft u er nog geen concrete ideeën over?

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Our organisation is a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle activity carried out by food and public health specialists, the main goal of which is to form a positive, unified approach to proper, balanced and healthy nutrition, physical activity, psychological state and sustainabilit...
Zemaitijos saugomu teritoriju direkcija is a budgetary institution established to implement protection and management measures, to carry out monitoring in Dubysa, Kurtuvenai, Salante. In the regional parks of Tytuvenai, Varniai, Venta, Zagare and Kamane state nature reserve in t...
Siauliai City Municipality Education Center was established in 2004. June 17. The main aim of the education center is to create conditions for pedagogues and other specialists to learn throughout their lives, to meet their cognitive needs, and to improve their acquired qualifica...
Northern Lithuania College (NLC) is a functional part of Lithuanian Non-government Organizations (NGO), rapidly developing informal education system, social, psychosocial, sociocultural and communal activities and services, as well as socially relevant public events, such as  pu...
Our company is providing educational support (psychological, pedagogical, andragogical, special pedagogical, etc.) for teachers, adults, young people, children with special educational needs and their parents. We:
Solneda is an educational organization specialized in international mobility, acting both as hosting and sending partner. We are located in Palanga - a lovely seaside resort by the Baltic sea. Our mission: to bring the benefits of international mobility to EU citizens improving ...