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Xeración is a network of non governmental organizations based in Spain with the following common objectives:

  • To promote and facilitate the geographic mobility of young people, students and youth workers (especially the ones with fewer opportunities) at European level.
  • To spread social economy and volunteering projects both locally and internationally
  • To promote the critical thinking and to empower the young people to take part in society as active citizens creating and advocating for participatory processes
  • To enhance the values ​​of tolerance, human dignity, multiculturalism, solidarity, cooperation, social justice, and social integration
  • To promote healthy lifestyles and ecological lifestyle
  • To raise awareness about social issues though arts
  • To provide counselling to younsters
  • To achieve these objectives Xeración develops and implements youth mobility projects for local and international volunteers. Thought them we try to encourage and disseminate a volunteering spirit amongst the Spanish population. 
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