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Unieda - Unione italiana di educazione degli adulti


UNIEDA (Italian Adult Education Union) is an organisation of political representation within the Italian Third Sector, which continues the work of the Italian Federation for Continuing Education (FIPEC) created in 1998 to bring together within one association the ‘Popular Universities’ and other important organisations involved in education and training, as well as to carry out activities within the lifelong learning milieu. UNIEDA is, therefore, an umbrella organisation, whose members (currently 60) are Popular Universities, Third Age Universities and Italian cultural associations.

In fact, the Union devotes its efforts to the organisation and development of a third dimension in the national educational system – the dimension of continuing education and lifelong learning – through cultural associations, extra-scholastic organisations directed at the personal growth of individuals, the Popular Universities, Third Age Universities, leisure time universities and other initiatives offering the opportunity to exercise the right to learning offered in the contract regulations and legislation, adapted to the levels of current needs and demands of workers, young people women, senior citizens and pensioners. Moreover, the Union promotes co-operation with Faculties of Educational Sciences and Adult Education as well as other disciplines or institutions suited to encouraging continuing education in order to bring together all the various levels of training for professionals in this field.

UNIEDA intervenes in the social and cultural reality through the promotion of meetings, debates, moments of information and training, projects and initiatives however suitable to encourage the participation and socio-cultural insertion of all citizens, with particular attention to the fight against marginalization, social exclusion and the promotion of positive intergenerational relations.

Unieda's experiences and commitment can be represented by some of the following projects:

- Professional Administrative Support for Adults Learning – “Pro-SAL” (2005-2006)

- Empowerment and Learning through the arts (2005-2006)

- INFOCOOP- Information and Cultural Opportunities of Old People (2009)

- LANCES – Learning in Action for a New Citizenship Education System (2009)

- Open Gate (2008-2010)

- Memory XL (2012)

- Sharing Inspiring and Reframing (2019)

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