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Challedu pioneers new models of learning, inclusion and engagement. Its team consists of educators, teachers, experts, game designers and designs playful experiences and games with the aim to transform every activity into an irresistible experience. The scope is to unlock the transformative power of people as seekers and solvers of complex problems, risk takers, inventors and visionaries. Our work also empowers creativity, fantasy, inclusion and empathy. We empower and provide inclusive experiences for special groups (like children or adults with disabilities, old people with dementia etc) or for specific issues (like social inclusion, entrepreneurship, culture, climate change etc) . On the same line Challedu provides youth trainings and  seminars to professionals (eg. psychologists, ergotherapists, social workers) on how to include games in their professional/volunteering work for the specific group/issue they deal with. We also work with school children and youth for enhancing culture, science, soft-skills, role-model in entrepreneurship/volunteerism and emotional intelligence. In total we have more than 5000 people that have participated in our programs in the last 2 years. In particular our projects include: 

- creation of game-based material and games of all kinds (role playing games , experiential games , card games, board games, digital games, spatial games etc) based on school curriculum, tailor made specifications, specific learners groups, specific issue or specific vulnerable group.

- game workshops with children and adults with special needs, patience with dementia, students, refugees, 3rd age people, young women and other vulnerable groups. 

- capacity building workshops to educators and trainers on specific predesigned game-based tools and solutions 

- capacity building workshops for youth, educators, different scientists (refugees’ trainers, phycologists, doctors, museum curators etc), NGO , etc, focusing on delivering them knowledge on how to create game based solutions according to their expertise. 

Challedu has a lot of expertise in planning, developing and implementing game scenarios, teaching and training material, educational games, train the trainer workshops and capacity building workshops on game-based solutions. Our team deliver an innovative type of workshops where different scientists, people from NGO, vulnerable groups, youth etc, design their own game-based solutions with our direction (ex. Bridge Game jam, Abi-Games, GArch Jam). Challedu has also created a number of educational, cultural and inclusive games that has been presented in schools, in “Athens, Book capital 2018”, 'Researchers Night', “Culture’s Night”, "Athens Science festival", 'Technopolis- Innovathens', “Open Schools Athens”. Challedu has trained many professionals and educators in specific game-tools the team has designed (ex. The most beautiful eyes -interactive eBook for inclusion of people with disabilities, The big walnut shell-antiracism, The factory of life- DNA, etc). Finally Challedu has design many mystery games for different causes such as escape rooms for students in nursing houses, living theatre mystery game for discovering a neighbourhood, card mystery games for promoting entrepreneurship and books (Athens Book capital 2018).

Our team has specialists in game-design, education and social care. We have 8 persons full time paid in the organization and occasionally 5 other paid stuff. Moreover, we have 5 students for internships and over 50 volunteers and advisors who participate in our projects or give their experience in educational or coordinating issues to the organization.


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