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EPALE Notification System – User Guide

EPALE Notification System – User Guide

What are notifications?

Notifications inform users about updates of the site's content. Notifications can be received by registered users for each individual update or in a digest mode.

Types of notifications

Registered users can manage the way their notifications are generated and delivered.

They can subscribe to a specific content item (news article, blog post, event, etc.) if they wish to be informed about changes on that specific publication (updates, new comments, etc.).

It is also possible to subscribe to content criteria:

  • content type
  • authors
  • themes
  • keywords
  • languages
  • new content
  • groups

When a user subscribes to a certain content criterion, they will receive notifications when publications with that criterion are added or updated.

Users can unsubscribe/re-subscribe at any moment.

How to subscribe?

There are two ways to subscribe to content:

  1. Subscription box on specific content items
  2. Notifications tab on the user profile

Subscription box

Most pages on EPALE have a small bell icon on the top left part of the content area, next to the title:

Notifications icon


Upon clicking the bell icon, the subscription popup appears:

The subscription box


The subscription box will show the user all subscription options available for that content item.

This includes:

  • Subscribing to the specific page
  • Subscribing to the content type of the page (in the above image it is an “EPALE Blog Post”)
  • Subscribing to content by the author of this specific page
  • Subscribing to content from the theme of this page (in this case “Workplace learning”)

For each option, users can choose to subscribe only to the content or also to comments.

After checking the relevant boxes the user has to click Save and the subscription is completed.

It is always possible to click the bell icon again and change the options on the subscription box, or to unsubscribe.

Notifications tab on the user profile

All aspects related to the notification system of a specific user can be managed from the User Profile page.

Once on the User Profile page, click the Notifications tab:

User profile Notifications tab

In this tab the user can get an overview of their current subscriptions:

Overview: shows the number of subscription for each subscription type.

Pages/Threads: lists all the pages and comment threads the user is subscribed to.

Content types: lists all the content types available for subscription. Checked content types are the ones the user is subscribed to. The user can subscribe to new content types by ticking the check box and clicking Save. Unticking checked boxes and clicking Save will unsubscribe the user.

Categories: lists EPALE categories, like Themes and Keywords, available for subscription. Checked items are the ones the user is subscribed to. The user can subscribe to new items by ticking the check boxes and clicking Save. Unticking checked boxes and clicking Save will unsubscribe the user.

Groups: lists all the groups the current user is part of. Checked groups are the ones the user is subscribed to (for receiving notifications). The user can subscribe to new groups by ticking the check box and clicking Save. Unticking checked boxes and clicking Save will unsubscribe the user.Note: Subscribing and unsubscribing on this page controls the notifications received from the groups, not group memberships.

Notification settings

In addition to managing your subscriptions, you can use the Notifications tab to control the way notifications are delivered.

Accessing the notifications settings section

Go to your user profile and click the Notifications tab, making sure the Overview sub-tab is selected:

The Overview tab


Delivery of notifications

With this setting users can activate/deactivate the notification functionality:

Enable/Disable Notifications setting



It is possible to subscribe to all new and updated content or to all content that you comment on:

Auto-subscribe settings


Notify poster

This option is checked by default and auto-subscribes authors to their content so they can be notified if their content is being updated or commented:

Notify poster setting


Digest mode

By default, the system sends notifications immediately upon creating or updating new content that the user is subscribed to.

This can result in many emails that will overload the user’s mailbox.

In order to prevent this, a digest mode is available:

Digest mode setting


Digest mode means that all notifications will be merged into one email that will be sent periodically (time period is selected by the user).

In order to activate digest mode the user has to check the Digest mode checkbox, select an interval from the Send interval drop down list (every hour, once a day, once a week, etc.) and click Save.

Visibility of controls

On the subscription box and on the subscription sub-tabs on the user’s profile page, there are two or three columns for setting the subscription options:

  • On updates
  • On comments
  • Send interval (if digest mode is active)

It is possible to show/hide these options via the Visibility of controls section of the settings page:

Visibility of controls settings


If the Send interval is hidden, it will not show on the subscription box or sub-tabs and the interval will be determined according to the “Send interval” option from the settings in the user’s profile page (see Digest mode section above).

Similarly, if On updates and/or On comments are hidden, the system will use the options from the settings in the user’s profile page:

On updates and On comments settings