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Prison-University Partnerships: A Toolkit

Prison staff, academics, widening access staff and students will benefit from using the Prisoners’ Education Trust’s toolkit that enables users to understand the different types of existing prison-university partnerships. It offers guidance on setting up new prison-university projects and discusses the benefit of these for all involved. This is the first resource published by PUPiL (Prison University Partnerships in Learning).

The toolkit highlights partnership models, discusses how to find funding for the project and considers potential challenges that project teams might face. Essential questions are answered, enabling readers to prepare for the planning and launching of a prison-university project.

Existing projects encompass a variety of different models, including reading groups, psychology courses, creative collaborations and placement schemes – where university students undertake work placements in prisons. The toolkit discusses the need for boundaries when university and prison students are working together and provides the user with a number of points to consider before planning the project.

A link is supplied within the toolkit that takes the user to a collection of case studies of existing partnerships on the Prisoners’ Education Trust’s website. They invite partnership practitioners to write case studies and other content for PUPiL, allowing for further personal and professional development, as well as encouraging practitioners to share knowledge and opinion on best practice.




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