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EURelations is a European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.) established in 2002 by public and private Institutions such as SMEs, SME Associations, Universities, Research Centres, Municipalities, Schools, Advisory and Training Firms. Those Institutions are from various European Countries, such as Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and the Czech Republic. EURelations EEIG headquarter is based in Campobasso (Molise Region, Italy). The main purpose of EURelations EEIG is to promote and support actions related to local development. In order to reach this aim, EURelations devises and coordinates local, national and international projects under the main European Programmes, and participates as a partner in projects promoted by other European organisations.In particular, EURelations has been working for over 15 years contributing to the economic and social growth of entrepreneurial, cultural and institutional sectors. It has actively cooperated with institutions, public and private schools, cultural and artistic associations and local Authorities to promote exchanges in different European countries, managing and implementing national and community projects under EU programmes such as Erasmus+, LLP, Creative Europe, Culture, Interreg Italy-Croatia, Interreg MED. Furthermore, the members of EURelations EEIG have a consolidated experience in the promotion and implementation of adult education courses and VET classes, through e-learning platforms and on the spot, in events organisation and study visits, in multiplier events implemented in the framework of EU, ESF and ERDF projects. In the last years, each member of EURelations EEIG has been involved in many EU initiatives and programmes, from culture to social innovation, from SMEs internationalisation to the development of local tourism, from the creation of transnational clusters to the participation in international tenders. 

The staff that currently works in Campobasso has multi-year experience in writing and managing EU funded projects with public bodies and private organisation from all over Europe and beyond. Currently they are mainly dealing with: - preparation of project proposals on different EU programmes ( Erasmus+, ETC programmes, Creative Europe, EASI, SME Instrument, DG AGRI and more);- the engagement of local and international stakeholders;- events organisation;- needs and context analysis;- support to local authorities in EU project preparation and implementation;- feasibility studies about different matters, such as tourism, civil protection, environmental sustainability, SMEs internationalisation;


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