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Implementing & mainstreaming collaboration between higher education, employers and students

This output brings together the entirety of the work of the Beehives project into a synthetic report. The report addresses the following questions:  How can a strategic partnership and cooperation between providers of higher vocational education and training and professional higher education (HVET/PHE), employers an students be strengthened? The project brings together representatives of the strategic triangle (HVET/PHE, employers and students) to exchange innovative practices and deliver recommendations for improving employer involvement in HVET/PHE. In the first year of the project the partners identified how HVET/PHE is organized in six European countries (Basque Country/Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Flanders/Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom). Initial results find an increased policy emphasis on VET within all countries to address future skill needs. Despite this, all members of the strategic triangle in all the countries feel that more needs to be done to fully address future skill needs, and that the key to addressing these needs in a timely manner is establishing closer, stronger, more consistent and long-term collaborations between the groups. The study observes what methods are currently used for this collaboration and identifies best practices for future research.


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Bittor Arias, Jan Beseda, Nick Davy, Anna Frankenberg, Raimund Hudak, Katrien Jacobs, Herman van der Mosselaer, Arti Saraswat, John Zaraga
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Studies en rapporten
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