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Guide "Work Based learning - Your Opportunity"

A guide was developed in the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project "Work Based Learning-Local and International" (2015.-2017.). It may be useful for participants in vocational education: learners and teachers and all those interested in work based learning.

The guide includes useful information for people who want to use / introduce work based learning in their countries, go to work abroad, as well as VET teachers and trainers in small and medium-sized enterprises.

It consists of 2 chapters:

  1. Useful information, i.e., training session materials for VET teachers and company employees.It describes and analyzes the current situation in partner countries, examples of case studies, problems and difficulties in starting / developing WBL, motivating VET and company employees to engage in the WBL, preparing people (VET students, unemployed people) for practice.
  2. Useful information for VET students and unemployed: "How to become a successful trainee in my country and abroad" (how to prepare CV, professional portfolio, where to find the necessary information about WBL opportunities in different countries, how to develop social, intercultural and team work practices for local and international training in work place).
  3. A common platform / database of enterprises in all partner countries to facilitate future contacts and seeking internships / workplaces at European level.

The materials of the guide were developed in all partner organizations under the guidance of the Portuguese partner ISQ, but the most significant contributions to the guide were provided by WBL activities in the companies of four partner countries, short-term training of trainers, exchange of ideas and experiences at international events.

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