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The Basics of Media Literacy: Journalists’ Handbook (Serbia)

In 2013, the Media Coalition (consisting of the Independent Journalist Association of Serbia – NUNS, Journalist Association of Serbia – UNS, Independent Journalist Society of Vojvodina – NDNV, Association of Independent Electronic Media – ANEM, Association of Local Independent Media “Lokal pres“) initiated “Campaign for Media Literacy” project with the goal to determine the perception of media and the level of understanding the role of media and media culture in younger and older population in Serbia, and then, through series of activities, to contribute to development of an analytical approach to media content.  

“The Basics of Media Literacy: Journalists’ Handbook” is one of the documents developed within this Project. Its aim is to foster critical recepcion of media content, distinction between information and entertainment, as well as professional and unprofessional journalism in Serbia.

Journalists need to adapt to new circumstances and address the audience there where audience is – on social networks, in a way most suitable for that media. It does not mean that the essence of journalism is changing. Journalists are still professionals who, with the help of skills and in accordance with the code of ethics, select and share the most significant information. What is different, that’s the technology. This Handbook is intended for journalists, to help them to adapt their work to the new circumstances of digital age.

Please find the Handbook on the following link.

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Vojislav Stevanović
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