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The DJK Sportjugend Sports and Games Dictionary

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The digital Sports and Games Dictionary, a project developed by German youth organisation DJK Sportjugend in co-operation with the DJK Sports Federation, is available online in German, English, French, Turkish, Arabic and in easy language.

It contains games from around the globe in various categories, but also an image based dictionary covering a broad vocabulary around sports, sports equipment and social values.

The dictionary aims to support coaches and volunteers in community organisations in their daily sports-based work, but also supports participants facilitating their quicker engagement in the games and activities. The intention is to reduce language barriers and provide simple, practical support in prevent overwhelm situations and promote integration through participation.

The project has been supported by The German Commissioner for Migrants, Refugees and Integration, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, DJK Sportverband, Deutsche Sportjugend im DOSB, Computer Rock.

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