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Knowledge Management on Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (Epale): Opportunities and Challenges

Knowledge and its management are vitally important for all firms and organizations in the contemporary world. The ability to create, acquire, integrate, deploy distributed knowledge is fundamental organizational capability. For successful functioning firms and organizations must not only exploit already existing knowledge, but must also invest into permanent  exploring and creating new knowledge as strategic options for future development and competitive advantage.

In this case, the knowledge systems especially specialized are very important and useful. Of course, such knowledge systems create many opportunities for users but at the same time raise some challenges and problems also (for example, lack or limits of knowledge managing, information seeking, self-directed learning and other skills). In this article opportunities and challenges of such knowledge management are analyzed on the bases of the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (Epale). The exceptional feature of this platform is that active users can not only use the information, but also create or reconstruct, in other words, manage, the content of the platform also.

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Rasa Pocevičienė
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