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English and the ICT Skills for Life

It is the e-book comprising the English language self-learning materials targeted at developing the ICT skills, the language acquisition methodology based on attractive animation.It was created by the partners from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland in the framework of the Seniors On-line (projekto Nr. NPAD- 2015 /10010) project supported by the Nordplus Adult Program. It is composed of 4 interactive modules and can be used as an enjoyable English language learning and practice tool for B1-B2 proficiency level students. Furthermore, students/seniors can use it for self-study at their own pace and access it online for free. Teachers can use it as the supplementary material for a language course.

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Soros International House (Lithuania), Teadmine ja Tarkus OÜ / Tallinn Language Centre (Estonia), Association "Biedrība Eurofortis" (Latvija), Jukka Kallio EU-project and enterprise development (Finland)
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